What can I say about family that hasn’t been said

What insight can i give

I don’t know but let me share what it is to me

Whether found or born by blood

Family is easily the most important thing 

There is

Family is the glue that puts us back together

When we fall apart

They are the binding on the books of our souls

They are our first supports 

As we learn to make our way in this world

Some Families are not ideal and do more damage than good

But that can lead to its own kind of beauty

If your family had to be left behind

Than find you a new one or make your own

Found families can be some of the best because

It’s the family you chose

That you found and became a part of

Or you built from the ground up

I encourage you if you don’t have a family

Find one

For there nothing better than a family 

You can rely on

To hold you up when you’re weak

To strengthen you when you cannot stand

Find the people that can glue you together

When you fall and break to pieces

FInd your tribe and strengthen each other

As families are want to do 

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