In all things give thanks

Is what we are told

But that’s easier said than done

It’s hard to be thankful during struggles and hardship

Its hard when Life is against you

But God wants us to live with a different mindset

Than the world

He wants us to remember

All the things we have to be thankful for

This Thanksgiving be thankful in all things

Remember how hard times have shaped you into who you are

I’m thankful for my struggles

Because they let me help others when they struggle

I know how to lead others out of their pits of despair

Because I’ve been there 

Because I’ve lived there and made it out the other side

It sounds wrong to say but I’m thankful for my depression

Because i know how to help others

I’m thankful for my anxiety because it enables me 

To be ever watchful

I’m always alert to danger

Which enables me to protect those i care about

What are you thankful for that 

Would give others pause

That would make others question your sanity

That goes against the grain of common sense

What are you thankful for this thanksgiving

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