Requiem definition: A musical service, hymn or dirge for the dead

We often hear that life is to short

But we never feel it till the death of a loved one

We always wish that we had more time

We think of the words left unsaid

Of the actions left undone

Of the time we could have spent together

The wrongs that could have been fixed

So rarely do we think about these things before a loss

So let this be a requiem

That we remember

I love you is only three words

That mean the world

And cost us nothing

Time is the most valuable resource we have

So spend it with those that matter

Let this be our requiem 

Let this be our remembrance of the dead

To not let those sweet moments pass without us

to spend our precious time with those we hold dear

To say I Love You everyday

Let this be our requiem

What will you leave behind

What words will you be remembered by

What will be your last text

Your last call

What words will you leave behind

What echoes will you leave in your wake

What will be your requiem

What will you leave behind

WIth your actions and your words

What effect do you have

What song will they sing when you’re gone

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