Ships in the Night

We’re all passing each other by 

Everyday like Ships in the night

Heard and Seen but not truly

We see the faintest outlines

The broadest brushstrokes

From these we create a ship in our minds

Oftentimes vastly different that what they truly are

We all so often ask how people fall for the wrong ones

It’s cause they use that good old razzle dazzle camouflage

You know from World War 2 

All zigzags and pinks which somehow make it harder to see on the ocean

Look it up it’s bizarre

We go through this life seeing only what we want 

Or what others want us to see

Truly paying attention is a rare thing

Just like common Sense

I go almost everywhere with a gun in a holster 

And very few people could be pressed to notice

We live in a world of the oblivious

Made so by our own choices

Our constant divided attentions

What can we really do to change it though

It’s easier said than done

I’m not saying I have answers

“I’m just asking questions”

The saddest truth of all of this is it so limits us

Me personally I choose very few people to truly spend time with and get to know

Many would call me a friend

Few and precious are those i call friends

Passing each other like ships in the night

How do we connect

How do we live our lives this way

Would we know how to do it any other

We’re all guilty 

The man you see on the corner with a sign

You’ve already made up your mind about him 

As soon as you’ve seen him

The woman just buying alcohol at the store

Your mind was made as soon as you saw her at the checkout

We are creatures full of prejudice

Based on such silly things

Color, Race, Clothes, Shopping carts

Where the hell do we get off

We hate it when it’s done to us

But here we are doing it too

Daring any to challenge us

Daring all to spite us

So we can make up our minds about them too

I’ve never claimed to have all the answers

In fact I claim to have very few

This however burns a screaming question in my mind

Which echoes back with one simple answer

Which isn’t a solution

But it is an answer nonetheless

I don’t want to to be another ship passing in the night

I want to be alive and vibrant

I want to be an open book

I want you to know it all and not be able to avoid it

I want to be a Giant cargo ship painted neon green 

Unavoidable completely knowable.

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