Death, Time and Love

Death, Time and Love

3 great constants

That run through everything

They give life meaning

They give purpose

Pain and Joy

Death the great equalizer

The great destroyer

All things eventually die

All things come to an end and so shall we


Remember that you die, Seize the day

Time the beginning, middle, and end

The great fulfiller through which all things pass

Without it nothing would have meaning

In an infinite time 

Our minds could not grasp the 

Importance of the things which we hold dear

We need it to make us understand how valuable things are

Love what are we without love

We all love something or someone

Even if that person is long gone

Love never truly leaves us

It changes forms

It changes functions

The love of a friend

The love of a sibling

The love of a parent

Who are we without love

What would we be without

Death, Time, and Love

Thanks to Denice Hijab for the amazing movie recommendation Collateral Beauty which gave rise to this poem.

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