Poets Words

A poet’s words

Are forged in blood and tears

Out of pain comes beauty

Out of misery comes understanding

Out of heartache comes compassion

We transform one thing into another

Through our blood sweat and tears

We bring to life meaning

Words beyond our reckoning

They take on a life of their own

The words flow forth like a babbling brook 

Then a rushing river

Taking on a life of their own

Springing forth from the depths of the soul

My voice echoes

As I scream into a void

Bringing forth light out of the dark

Shouting praise to my creator

Begging for the life of others

A poet tries to guide

But cannot lead the unwilling

For who can force a beast to drink water

You can lead them 

But force gets you nowhere

So I attempt to lead 

In light but fail so often

Such is life

But the pursuit of the eternal 

The pursuit of meaning 

Never ends

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