To what can I compare you

To a beautiful sunrise or sunset

To a field of flowers

To a magnificent sculpture

To a priceless painting

To great green forests

To gold and silver

All pale in comparison

To the vision of you

The sight of you steals my breath

And stills my heart

What sounds as beautiful as your voice

Or laugh

The birds singing

A peaceful summers night

A beautiful symphony

To the sound of raindrops falling

Peacefully or heavily on the roof

There’s no contest

They’re oceans apart

Nothing holds a candle to you

To your kindness

Who comes close

To the intoxication of your scent what could come close

The smell of a wood fire on a cold winters night

The smell of a world washed by rain

A bush of roses

Fresh tulips

The sea breeze

Wild honeysuckle

There’s no one like you

In heaven above

Or earth below

You have no comparison

When God created you

He said I have done well

When I heard I love you

Flow forth from your lips

My life was forever changed

When an angel saw things in me

I never saw in myself

I almost wept for joy

And to think

You’ll be my wife brings tears

Of happiness to my eyes even as I write

I love you

More than words can say

Though this comes close

So much more and better than I deserve

I’m blessed to have you.

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