I Wish

I wish I had the words

I wish I could heal

Your broken heart

I wish I could stop the pain

I wish I could make your life easier

I wish I could stop the hate

I hope in some small way

I help because Lord knows I try

I hope one day you’ll be free

From this pain

I hope one day you’ll be happy in your own skin

Until then I’ll be here

Sailing in dark waters

Shining a light unto the darkness

Hoping my words may save some

Hoping they are a shining beacon of hope

I wish my words could pull you out

But I don’t know how

So I will continue screaming into the void of an endless night

May my voice guide you

On your path back home

May we rejoice together in the light

I wish for better days for you

Until then I’ll keep speaking

Hoping my words can help heal

The hole inside

May we meet maybe for the first time

On some sunny day

May you regale me with your victories

And your defeats

May we rejoice together

Until then I wish

I hope

You find your way

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