As I progress into a great unknown

I look towards changes that are to come

To new opportunities arising

As others leave

I’m leaving my blue and silver family

Plunging into the unknown

I asked myself so many times

Should I stay or should I go

But finally the answer was go

And so I leave

My family and friends

Looking for new opportunities of growth and change

Looking for a new better way forward

I’ll never forget my time with them

Or the lessons learned

But I go now to find myself

A new way to go without the hindrances

Of the past

Only time will tell if i can heal some of the scars 

From 10 and a half years

I loved the job

But it wears you down and spits you out

Where do i go from here

Who will i become 

What new experiences will shape me

What will going back to school be like

Changes are coming and 

Only time will tell

Where we’ll go and

Who we’ll be

Changes come and

Changes go

But we remain changed

But still the same

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