Thin Silver Line A Look Back

This job chews you up

We see the worst of humanity

Everyday we’re hated

Just cause of the uniform we wear

Every day called names

And cussed at

Suicide attempts



Always on the lookout

Always suspicious




Just a few gifts from 10 years

Still I don’t know if I would go back and change it

10 years have changed me

They’ve jaded me

They’ve remade me

10 long years that seem like a lifetime

Somedays I look at myself and I don’t know

Who’s looking back at me

I’ve danced over and under the line

Or something close to it

Still I drink

I’m just ever mindful of the line

Never regularly

But I still do

As I look back

I’m thankful for the watchful eye I now have

I’m thankful for the confidence that this job gave me

I’m thankful for my brothers and sisters

But I wonder what and where I would be

Without it

Would I be happier

Would my depression be better

Would I even have anxiety

Or would I be fighting it on my own still

Cause this job helped me to get help

I don’t know

If you know someone that works

In Law Enforcement

Check on them

See how they’re doing

Cause this job

Wears you down

And deep down inside

Most of us aren’t okay

Nobody makes it out whole

There will always be scars

From all the things we’ve seen



And experienced

It’s okay to not be okay though

As long as you realize that you’re not okay

Especially if you do something about it

What I’m saying is keep your chin up

People have your back

This isn’t the end

There’s always a brighter day ahead


Especially when it feels like there isn’t

Ask for help

Don’t suffer in silence

I’m here

And if not me there’s others

(214) 704-9991

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