Broken and Bleeding Heart

So this is something new I’m trying. I had this picture in my head of a broken heart that was put back together and wrapped in chains. So i made one and when i was making a trip to michaels to get some supplies for painting it I had the idea to put it in a lantern. and i really loved the way it came out and the pictures i took. I created this specific poem before i took the pictures to go with it. so i hope you like it there is more pictures at the bottom.

Broken and Bleeding

When You love with all you are

When you give with your whole heart

When you love with all you are

Sometimes it doesn’t work out

Sometimes you make it out intact

Sometimes you don’t

Sometimes you give your whole heart

Sometimes it comes back broken and bleeding

Missing a piece

You sew yourself back up

After nursing the pain

Rise from the ashes

Like your very own Phoenix

But your heart is weighed down by the chains

Of your past experiences

Of memories of failure

Of heartache

Of regrets and shame

Still you go out into the world

Trying to soar

Weighed down by your past and mistakes

Weighed down by the pain that you didn’t ask for

Broken and scarred

Because the answer doesn’t lie in shutting the

world out

Make your brokenness beautiful

Let it be your teacher

And show you new and better ways

Or the mistakes you’ve made

Learn to see the signs of the ones who will break

your heart

If given half a chance

Rely on the one who make broken things beautiful

To help make you whole again

Rely on the healing in his name

Remember he’ll meet you in your deepest pain

In the farthest reaches of your soul

In the deepest pits you find yourself in

Let yourself heal

Show off your battle scars

Your scars show the strength that lies

In your broken heart

Stand back up

Never back down

Though you’ll never be entirely free from the

chains of your past

Never let it stop you

Hold it up like a lantern

Let it shine and be your guide

Swear upon the heart that you’ve repaired

That you sewed back up from the scattered bleeding pieces

That you will learn from the scars

And you won’t cause them

That you won’t scar another

You were made to be a bright and shining star

So be one

You weren’t made to live in darkness

Though it feels like you were

You are meant to lead others out

So show the light that comes from a broken heart

Show them broken things can be beautiful

Show them they don’t have to stay broken

Let the light that shines though you

Banish the darkness

Let your light be a lantern

Bring them home

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