This one was written today. I took some inspiration from the song Happier by Marshmello and Bastille.

In days of yesteryear

I found someone that brought me happiness

The likes of which I had dared not dream of

It seemed like it lasted forever but not even 2 years

I made so many mistakes

I sabotaged my own ship

To the point that we both had to leave the wreck I created

Even in the hardest times

In the days and months that followed

I just wanted you to be happier

I wanted to change our minds

I wanted to fix it all

But I knew I couldn’t

You can’t take back a lie once it’s said

You can’t sweep it under a rug

As you moved on I didn’t

For the longest time

When the evening fell

The thought of you with someone else

Ate away at me

But through it all

I just wanted to see you smile

Even when it meant I wasn’t around

But every night ends

And always turns to dawn

I found my way forward

And now you are happier

And so am I

Sometimes endings aren’t final

Sometimes they lead to different but better things

Now I’m just a friend

But we’re happier

And that’s enough

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