The air buzzes

The lightning arcs across the sky

The air is filled with hushed expectation

The dust crys out

For the cleansing

Healing rain

Surrounded by dry parched land

I stand on top of a hill

In a field

You can feel all of natures quiet excitement

Let heavens flood gates open

Pour out the flood of love

And blessings

Pour out the love and mercy

Pour out the holy fire

Pour out your power

Flood this place with you

Flood our hearts

Flush us out from head to toe

Cleanse us with the living water

That burns purifies and cleanses

Drown us in your presence

Let your presence become so thick

That it fills the air

Let us feel you so strongly

We can do nothing

But bow down and worship you

Let us only be able to weep for joy

As we sing your praises and

As we soak up your presence

Like a sponge

Let us drink you in like a camel

Fill us with you

Let your rain fall and may it never stop.

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