I heard something interesting The other day about hope Hope is the belief that the future will be better And that you have the power to make it so Hope isn’t some vain wish in the dark Hope is the belief that you can affect the future In a positive way Hope is an essential […]

Can’t Answer Why

Sometimes I cross a line I didn’t know was there Sometimes I sabotage myself Oftentimes I drink to much I dance back and forth across the line Of heavy drinking and alcoholic Sometimes I’m full of optimism but most often not If you asked me why As I often ask myself I wouldn’t be able […]


I wander through this life Telling myself the old adage that not all who wander are lost But I don’t believe it I know better than that I’ve been lost 20 something odd years No direction no map Just wandering blindly through life Like if a mole was thrown into a room With bright lights […]