The Weight of it all

Sometimes the weight of it all comes crashing down The weight of expectations The weight of your hopes and fears The weight of your dreams Both new and old Broken and shattered New and full of life It all comes crashing together in waves Threatening to drown you Threatening to engulf you How do you […]

A Singular Spear

 I remember a time when happiness was mine When all was bright and full of color When i thought the world was mine When I listened to love songs When they rang of truth For three long years They have rang of pain and loss The world turned from bright to shadows My life changed […]


I was isolated and alone Bereft and destitute Until I met you I can’t live without her It’s all meaningless Just sayings Suddenly true Give anything do anything Sacrifice everything Just for one night with You in my arms But I don’t deserve you And my demon frightens Even you my angel My demon gives […]