Me Myself and I

It’s just me, Myself, and I

Solo ride until I die

No partner to ride or die

Just Me Myself and I

32 years in this life

Through all its ups and downs

All that time only 2 Glorious years with 

A partner in crime

Through it all I’ve risen and 

Beaten the odds time and time again

Even when i struggled alone

I always got back up 

I bear the scars of my battles

My scars and stripes

Physical and Mental

I bear them with Pride

Each tells a story

Of a War not yet won 

But of battles both won and lost

Fights with myself

Battles with my demons

battles with the voices that say I’m not good enough

That yell I’m trash and that I don’t deserve love

Through it all I’ve survived somehow

No not somehow

By the grace and mercy of a loving God

Even when i turn away from him he has pursued me

He has ripped me out of the jaws of death

When i took that leap willingly

It’s not really just Me, Myself, and I 

A fact that’s taken me far too long to realize

I have friends and family with me and a God who saves

A God who forgives and a God who loves

Without whom i would not be

Don’t let the voices tell you its You, Yourself, and You

I promise it’s not

Thanks to Tyler Garza for the song recommendation of Me, Myself, and I.

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