All I can do is Write

All the things I’ve seen

All the things I’ve been through

All i can do is write

Free therapy its how i best work out my shit

This Life that I’ve lived ain’t for the faint of heart

Depression, Anxiety, Suicide

I’ve been through it all

By the grace of God I’m still here today

I want to help others so i write

I write of my struggles 

I write about the struggles of others 

As best as i can

I write of triumphs and victories

My hope to pull others out

To show them they are not alone

It may not seem like much

But sometimes it means the world

Just to feel like you’re being seen

Just to know someone else has gone through it 

But not just through it 

To know that they made it out alive

So i write out my hopes and dreams

My deepest darkest nights

My worst fears 

Of battles lost 

Of battles won

TIme is always on your side

you will lose battles 

But as i write 

I continue to win

What use is my survival if i cannot help

So i will always write

Inspired by the song “All I can do is write about it” by Lynyrd Skynyrd which was suggested by Lieutenant Nick Wright.

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