World Turns and Burns

Something a bit older that i wrote Back in August of 09


The world turns and turns is it gonna crash and burn or spin for all eternity or spin out of control.

Lo and behold for even now as we stand here it burns with a passion neither you nor I can extinguish nor can any mortal man the earth spins faster and dater whirling through space fueling the flames higher and higher until all is burning and the flames reach the stars.  “ashes ashes we all fall down” surrounded by flames and buried under the ashes of this world where do you stand where will you stand as the fire rages as the fire passes where will you go will you lie there in the ashes and die or fight against the chains that bind you and arise from the ashes like the phoenix stronger than ever before renewed by your fiery trials yet even though you are renewed you still bear the scars of the fight as a badge of honor now.

Reborn from the ashes of our former selves are we from the ashes from our ruined selves from the ashes of this world though we still bear the scars we are new.  now spread your wings and fly spreading renewal all over the earth even as we arise we know we are not perfected as the scars prove and attest to yet still we stand tall on the ashes of this world and fly high above the earth just you and I till the world is renewed and near perfection like it once was when man fell.

Yet the world is not perfected by us with us or through us yet it was done in spite of us… all things shall become great again all things shall be as they once were the lion shall lay with the lamb and yet still all things must come to an end even this world shall fall one day into darkness and be destroyed.

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