Another old one that from 2012

What once was naught but darkest night

Doth now see a glimmer of light

Where once naught but despair

Now filled with hope

For dawn approaches

After ages of darkness

Finally comes the light

And with it promise of new life

But overcome by fears

That the light will not come

We succumb to sleeps embrace

And so we dream

Not of sugarplums and faeries

But of a glorious

New beginning

Such as can only come

With a new day

And so we awoke

To a glorious day

Filled with promise and hope

And saw to our surprise

An angel

We had seen in a dream

Did wake beside us

And she said

Come let us see what the day brings

I can write no more

For the story is not yet told

But I do think

That both the man and the angel

Dreamt of a life spent together

Perchance it will be

Or maybe a dream

A dream perchance to dream

Of a day like this

To wake with

An angel by my side

 ©Jordan Francis 2012

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