21 Guns go off

Saluting the fallen

1 of the 22

22 a day

A warrior that lost their war

Against their own mind

Some days their demons screamed so loud

They couldn’t think

Some say its cowardice but they’ve never been there

They’ve never lived with it

Where every day that you get up is a victory

Where you have to fight to get out of bed

Where your own thoughts

Your own brain chemistry

Fights against you

You hear it often

“It’s a Permanent solution to a temporary problem”

But when you’re exhausted 

When you can’t fight anymore you see it differently 

Its not a cowards way out 

Its a hard decision 

It’s a last resort

Its the desperate act of a mind that can’t go on

WIth a body that desperately wants to live

Its the last desperate act of a warrior who can’t fight anymore

Who desperately wants to be saved

Who desperately want to live

But doesnt know how anymore

Reach out and pull your brothers and sisters back

Sometimes all we need is a helping hand

Don’t let the ones you know fall

Be present and be there to pull them back up

Never forget the 22 a day who we lose


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