My Lighthouse

In my struggles and my doubts

When the light leaves

When the dark descends

When i can’t find my way

I remember the lighthouse

The rock of my salvation

When I can’t find my way

Your Light leads me 

You have saved me 

More than I deserve

Twice you pulled me back from the brink

Once you snatched me from the jaws of Death

Yet still sometime i run away

but always i come back to the lighthouse

I always come back to you 

To you and your word

I wait with bated breath

For your return

For an end to my struggles

But until then I will always continue on

To my lighthouse

To warmer shores

TO fertile lands

The struggles will not stop while alive

But you give me continue to give me strength

In you I am renewed and I know

You will carry me safe to shore

I fear not what tomorrow brings

Because my God’s love leads me through

Shining in the darkness 

My Lighthouse always guides me home 

Safe to shore

Thanks to JImmy Francis for the suggestion of “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective.

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