Past Self

Past Self

If you could say something to yourself from 10 years ago

What would it be

If there was a limit on the words you could say

How many would you use

What message would you convey

I know what mine would be

If I only had 3 words

I would say

It Gets Better

If I could say a few more

Be wise with your money

Don’t let her go

Be thankful for what you have

Nothing lasts forever

Cherish everything

Because all things come to an end eventually

Be more forthcoming

Your silence can be your own worst enemy

Because too often you don’t say what you want to

What you need to

You’d rather things just stay the way they are

Then risk them changing

Sometimes family just stops interacting

Its not the end of the world

You’ll make more friends

And lose others

I’d tell myself all of these things

And more

But would you listen to what your future self told you

Or would you discount it

Refuse to accept it

Would you turn from it

Or embrace the possible truth

Maybe if you did things would turn out different

But maybe they wouldn’t

Would you really go back and change things from what happened

Knowing what has brought you here to this time and place

Would it be any better or would it be worse

If you could give yourself advice

If you would take it

You’d face the greatest question we all struggle with at some point

Are things predetermined

Are they random

Do my choices matter

Or are they leaves in the wind

A breath in the air

Here and gone

With little to no effect how would you convince yourself of the truth

Of who you were

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