Oh my Angel

Oh my angel

My sweet angel

I dream of you

Of our smiling face

And how wonderful t would be

To see It everyday

When I dream of my future

Your name is written on every page

Without you it seems


When I hold you close to me

My mind is at rest

My demons are banished

And I can sit and enjoy the silence

The feel of you next to me

The simple joy of holding

You in my arms

And wishing I never had to let go

For once my mind is quietl

And my soul is at peace

Gods greatest gift to me

Is the simple joy of holding

You close to me

A 1000 demons I would fight

A 1000 years on this earth

Just for one day

With you in my arms

I hold you and God

Smiles down upon me

And I realize

What happiness truly is

All to often I never feel it

And forget it all together

But with you I remember

And am surrounded by

And filled with perfect happiness.

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