Sometimes I feel forsaken

Sometimes forgotten

They say you are always with me

That you never leave me

But I feel nothing

I can’t see you or hear

Definitely can’t feel you

Do I even know you

Lost in a fog no way out

Nothing is real darkness surrounds

Left or right front and back

Nothing to see nothing to hear

Naught but empty air

I don’t even know where I am

Do you even exist

Are you just a fairy tale

Lost in the fog

Looking for a sign

For anything

I feel nothing

Thunder booms overhead

Rain starts to fall

And In the midst of it all

I hear my name whispered

In the night

A voice calls out

I am here

Come to me

I’m calling out to you

You are lost but I am not

You need direction

I have it

You need hope

I am hope

I never forgot you

I never forsaked you

I knew you always before you were born

I’ve been been running after you

But you’ve always run away

Turn around I am here waiting

With open arms

Calling out to you

Come home

Come home

And never be alone again

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