Broken and Bleeding

Broken and bleeding I come to you

On my knees begging

For forgiveness

Seeking redemption

But my hearts not in it

How did I become this

A broken shadow

A poor picture

Of my former self

what did I do to deserve this

I didn’t seek it out

I don’t remember it

I didn’t plan it

Yet here I am

Alone forsaken

Beaten and downtrodden

One with the unkempt masses

But separate

An island in a sea of billions

I seek it but I find nothing

Shadows and cobwebs

Traces of former glory

But all I see is an empire of dirt

I want more but don’t know how

I need this but don’t know why

I forget myself

And so fade

Into the black

Into nothing

Into a black abyss

Of bliss

Of nothingness

I see no way out

I’ve always been here

In the darkness I hide

In my hole

And forget the light

Forget it all

And welcome


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