One Wish

If I may if I might one prayer would I pray tonight Not that all would be forgotten Or forgiven but that Forgiveness could start I deserve none and I ask for much But I can’t lose her Not today Not tonight Not for many years to come hopefully So I pray So I ask […]


I was isolated and alone Bereft and destitute Until I met you I can’t live without her It’s all meaningless Just sayings Suddenly true Give anything do anything Sacrifice everything Just for one night with You in my arms But I don’t deserve you And my demon frightens Even you my angel My demon gives […]

Better Half

You make me want to be A better person good enough to deserve you You enable me to write To feel to alive again Even if it doesn’t end the way I want it to I’ll always remember this I feel happy again excited to get up in the morning

Jesus is Calling

Can you hear the whisper on the wind Can you hear the roar in the storm Do you see the mountains pointing up Can you hear him calling Can you hear the ground beneath you calling out Calling out a song of praise The rocks cry out his name All nature points towards him With […]