The mask and the mirror

Can you feel it on your skin

When the darkness settles in

First the quiet then the pain

Then you’re back in hell again

No one ever knows the demons you fight

You wear your mask so well

We might find you in the shadows

We might see you in the light

But we’ll never know the secrets you hide

We’ll see you on the other side of hell

The face you wear for us

Damn you wear it well

Sometimes the pain brings comfort

It’s been there so long

It’s a constant companion

But you don’t have to wear your mask


There’s enough of us who want to see the real you

Who want to help you out of the shadows

Who want to pull you up out of hell

We want to stand with you

Through the torrent of the storm

And those that don’t

That insist you wear the mask well

They’re not worth it anyways

Put down your mask

Put down your heavy burdens

Come rest in the light and the warmth

Of the Fathers love

Let us help you see the light

Put down your pain and shame

You don’t need them anymore

Your constant companions

Of pain and shame

Aren’t needed here

In the glorious light

Of a God who Loves

Of a God who understands

Who says cast your burdens upon me

Who says come to me and I will give you rest

I will give you peace

I will show you what a father should be

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