They Ain’t Takin Over

They ain’t takin over

My demons aren’t a match

For me anymore

I say goodbye to my darkest days 

And say hello to brighter days

Listen to me now as I wash away my fears

They ain’t takin over

My demons will begin

To run and hide

As I live my best life

As I’ve said before

My demons couldn’t kill me

What chance do you stand

I’ve been through some shit

I’ve been in pits so deep 

I couldn’t see the sun anymore

It was just a distant dream

But I made it out the other side

I painstakingly carved my way out

Step by step moment by moment

I’ve made my life brighter

And I’ll tell you with 

All sincerity it gets better

It gets brighter

Just when you’ve forgotten 

What the sun felt like

You’ll find it again

Don’t let the demons take over

Fight like hell 

Cause your demons sure will

But you’ll make it out alive

On the other side

Persevere and you will see 

They ain’t takin over

I’ll find you in the pits 

And help you get out

And together we’ll prove them wrong

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