Listen up

Listen up and keep your chin up

I know it feels like no one cares

Like you’re not worth it

I know the voices in your head

Are rude and mean

I know they’ve got you beat down

They’re good at it

But you’re worth more than you think

You are one in 8 billion

You have something special to give

You have a perspective unique to you

Keep that chin up I promise it gets better

I promise it gets easier

I wont lie and tell you that there aren’t times

Where you fall back and shit gets hard again

I won’t tell you that sometimes it seems

The only way you can go is down

But look back and you’ll see you’ve climbed many hills and mountains

You’ve crossed many ravines

And climbed out of holes so deep

You couldn’t see the sun

Just because it seems hopeless right now

Doesn’t mean it is

Straighten your back put your chin up

And start crafting stairs

Let this be your cornerstone

Let this remind you

That you are worth more

Than you feel like

That you are better than you think

That the voices that call you trash are wrong

That you have so much to give

That only you can give

I’ve been there before

I’ll be there again

But My past enables me to help

So I do

So listen up

You are worth it

You aren’t trash

And you sure as hell will make it through

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