Another one that was lost from 2008

Apathy a Sea of Nothing

Apathy the bane of my existence

The absence of all that makes me human

Without hope without emotion

I wonder is it a phase or is it forever

I have felt it coming for a long time now

But how to stop it every day it marches on

And I am left wondering why

Left wondering if

Without emotion

Am I anything more than an animal

Am I even human any longer

If i am not has something left me

Am I without a soul

Devoid of all emotion

Floating in a sea of nothing

I wonder why am I here

In this place

Am I doomed to float in a sea of nothing for all eternity

Or will I feel again in this empty sea

And if so what will bring it on

What will save me from this place

Or will it be someone

I wonder if I can find someone

Or something to save me from this place

Will I ever find someone to make me complete

Or will I float on this sea all alone

Because every once in a while someone will come along

And ill think to myself maybe they are the one

But then they will run away

And leave me all alone again

I wonder will I find a way out

Sometimes I do not think I ever will

But maybe one day I will

But I know it will not be on my own

Oh no only with help with I make it out

Will I make it through this day

And through this life

With help not just from above

But help from this mortal coil

From someone

Whom I know not at least not yet

The one who will complete me

I wish I could find her

I do not think I will most of the time

But in this place I find solace and occasionally

Hope but tis rare

So I doubt that I will

Cause for it to happen you have to believe it

And I do not believe it anymore

I do not buy into the lie

That we will all find our soul mates

Some are just doomed to wander alone

I wander am I one of them

July 2008

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