American Gods

This land is filled with the corpses

Of forgotten and forsaken gods

And the shambling corpses of those who still

Walk about and prey on the hearts and minds of men

We walk about in a special kind of darkness

Both of our own making and another’s

This darkness shows us our gods in all their imagined splendor

They are magnificent and awe Inspiring

We are right to worship and so we do

As we continue to

Form our gods out of nothing

To bow down and worship

We pay homage and sacrifice

But they can do nothing for us

They cannot save us

There is only one GOD

And the Lord our God is one

The Lord my God brings true light

That shines upon our false gods that we have made

Showing us the disease ridden corpses

Writhing from the maggots within

We recoil in horror asking how we never saw

But our eyes were blind

We lived in darkness

Not knowing which way was up or down

Not knowing right from wrong

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