New Normal

We go from isolation To soft openings Reduced capacity Masks on everyone you see Social distancing 6 feet apart when we all ache for touch 3 months without friends without familiar places 3 months without handshakes and hugs We go not back to normal But to a new normal where we wonder Will it ever […]

Posts with Audio.

This post will be stuck to the main page and as I go through and record audio for the various poems this list will be updated, with the current poems that have audio. Current poems with audio Self Isolation Once, Twice, Thrice

Self Isolation

This poem has something different that i want to try below this little announcement you will find as small audio player. If you press play you should hear an audio recording of me reading this poem out. Usually I isolate myself from others Not out of fear of sickness Or of others But a general […]


What is regret To think of something with a sense of loss or remorse If you could go back and change all the things that you regret would you How would your life change How would mine We’ve all done things that we regret But even our regrets shape us They can teach us important […]

Impostor Syndrome

Feeling like a failure even when you’re successful Or talented Impostor syndrome is a feeling of being out of your death It is a feeling of inferiority A fear that you are getting away with something That you’re not able to do your job That one day you will be discovered That you’ll be found […]

The Weight of it all

Sometimes the weight of it all comes crashing down The weight of expectations The weight of your hopes and fears The weight of your dreams Both new and old Broken and shattered New and full of life It all comes crashing together in waves Threatening to drown you Threatening to engulf you How do you […]

Suggestions Appreciated

If you have any suggestions for something for me to write about such as a word or phrase, I would greatly appreciate it if you send it to me.  I won’t promise you it’ll get made into something or that the end result will be something that you will recognize but if I use your […]

Murder of a Word?

A question we all struggle with Though we don’t always ask it in the same way How do you kill an idea Once something is breathed into existence How do you banish it from that Once something is given voice or thought It becomes alive It is not easily destroyed or removed from existence How […]


Introverted All my life I have been introverted Shunning most social events And most people But these days I long to be extroverted I long for the ease I see other people have in conversations And social interactions When I struggle to introduce myself  I struggle to speak I struggle to find the words But […]

Broken and Bleeding Heart

So this is something new I’m trying. I had this picture in my head of a broken heart that was put back together and wrapped in chains. So i made one and when i was making a trip to michaels to get some supplies for painting it I had the idea to put it in […]