Fight the good fight

1st Timothy 6:12

How do you fight the good fight of faith

How do you take hold of your eternal life

To which you were called

How do you fight the good fight

When you’re struggling just to get through the day

How do you redeem yourself

When you feel like there is no hope

How do you continue on when you feel

Like giving up

Answers abound from all directions

Take these pills

Pray about it

Read your Bible

But what do you do when nothing seems to work

When all around you is broken glass

Upon which you tread

With no way out

How do you fight the good fight

When you’re struggling to fight at all

How do you fight when all hope seems lost

When you have lost the will to go on

When dark thoughts crowd your mind

What do you do

I persevere

Treading on broken glass

With careful steps

Pushing on even when

I don’t see and end

I read and I pray

I take my pills

Hoping one day to see light again

I write my darkest thoughts

And brightest dreams

I shout into a seemingly endless void

I will not stop here

I will not be conquered

I will not falter

I will persevere

For I know brighter days are ahead

I know because I have seen

I have been through this before

I hope against all odds

Because I have seen the beauty of

Grace and the might of Mercy

Which springs forth

From my God who I so often walk away from

So I keep walking in a barren and desert land

Hoping and praying to find my way out

I always do eventually

I just hope it’s soon

So I can continue the good fight

To which I have promised

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