Faith and Belief

2 twin foundations

Around which so much of us is based

What do you believe in

What do you hold faith in

Do you believe in God

If you do what is he like

Is he loving and kind

Is he hateful and spiteful

Most people can’t fit a loving God and hell in one mind

But a loving God cannot Love without reproach

Just like a loving father must discipline so must a Loving God

So we rail against him and his decisiions like a child

Throwing a fit

Screaming and gnashing of teeth

We cry how unfair it is

Like a child not bought a candy bar

We are disobedient children

Struggling against the rules

Whining how it’s not fair

Because we didn’t get our way 

When so often our way isn’t good for us or best for us

So I believe in a Loving God

Because i have felt his love and reproach

Because i can’t and won’t believe

In an uncaring universe

So my belief shapes who I am

It leads me to love

My belief shows me to care

For me that takes many forms

Not least of which is this

My writing




Strung together words

Call them what you will 

But i have see the good they can do

Not least of which is for me

They help me process 

They help me understand and feel

That which i know but can’t say out loud

They show people they’re not alone

I believe in belief

I believe in Love

I believe in the glory of God 

What do you believe in?

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