Soothes the soul 

And heals the heart

So often we walk around with herculean weights

Weighing us down and crushing us inside

Just talking about it may not solve it

But it lessens the weight that crushes

It shares the burden and    

Allows us to free ourselves of it for a time

It helps us gain perspective and lets us know

We’re not alone

In the things we struggle with

It helps show us that others care

Which is so often what we needed

But were to afraid to ask for

We all have these intrusive thoughts

That whisper or yell inside of our minds

That no one cares

We’re worthless

No one loves us

You’re a piece of shit

But they’re not true

Talking helps calm and drown them out

It helps lessen them

You’ll never rid yourself of them completely

But just give it a try 

Talk it out 

With someone

Lessen your burden 

Lessen your weight 

Lets talk

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