Dark Waters

We sail through the night

Across dark waters

Bottomless and unfathomable

Praying for guidance

Praying for answers

Only to hear the sounds of our own breath

We drift across a never ending sea

No land in sight

No shores upon which to rest

Always searching never ending

For what we’re not sure

But we’re lost and adrift

The anchor rope broke

The mast is bent

At the mercy of the winds and waves

Searching for a shore and a light that never comes

What happened to our golden shores?

What happened to our once proud ship?

What happened to us?

It wasn’t always like this

We once sailed with purpose

Pomp and circumstance

Where did we go wrong?

When did we become lost?

When did we drift?

All so long ago

We’ve almost forgotten

What purpose is like?

So we drift through dark waters 

And dark sky’s

Searching for answers 

To mysteries long forgotten

Searching for ourselves

Praying one day that 

We find ourselves upon golden shores

Where all this seems but a bad dream

Yet still we wait

Still we search

The answers we had found

Now ring hollow

Here in this darkened place

What once was bright under the sun? 

No longer glows

Where do we go from here?

How do we continue on?

When we are rudderless

When it seems we continue on

Only cause we don’t know how to stop

We fear if we rest to long

We’ll never get back up

We fear the quiet

But the noise unnerves

It disquiets our soul

How do you reclaim peace?

When you’ve forgotten its meaning

When you barely recognize yourself

How do you go back?

When you sail dark waters how do you not change

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