Hobbies and Mental Health

As stupid as it may sound that a hobby might help with your depression, anxiety, or PTSD it actually does.   Take the advice from someone who’s been there done that and by the grace of God only bought the T-Shirt from the one way trip and made it back.  Personally I find creating something works best.  Buy some canvases and some paints from the dollar store try it out.  It doesn’t have to be beautiful or look like anything it can be random nonsense splashed on.  What matters is you created something that didn’t exist before and it took your mind off your shit you’ve been dealing with.   Want to make a cheap metal sculpture buy a couple boxes of paperclips and some jewelry wire.    Use some pliers and tie and weave that stuff together.  I’ll include some pictures of some stuff I’ve made in different hobbies.   Just make something you’ll feel better and you’ll distract yourself for a while try it out.   

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