Posthumous Poetry

I read an interesting idea if you could write something

That wouldn’t be read until long after you were gone

What would you write

With the knowledge that you would no longer be alive to be judged

That you could say anything

Without fear of recompense

Without consequence

What things would you say what secrets would you tell

What opinions would you voice

That you would never dare while alive

For fear of others reactions

For fear of opinions

What darkness

What brightness

Would you bring to life

What thought would spring forth from your innermost being

What things would you write that you dare not utter

Would it critique the culture

Would it condemn it

Would you praise

Would you be filled with hate

What would come forth with no thought for censorship

With no boundaries no filters

What would come of it

How would you start such a work

How would you finish it

These are the unedited thoughts of you put to paper

Would it even be read

What would be your last Great Work

Your Magnum Opus

What would your work that you obsessed over be

The Last Great Work that was Never Quite Finished

What Would Be Your Last Crowning Achievement?

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