Thin Silver Line A Look Back

This job chews you up We see the worst of humanity Everyday we’re hated Just cause of the uniform we wear Every day called names And cussed at Suicide attempts Overdoses Fights Always on the lookout Always suspicious Paranoid Anxiety Depression Just a few gifts from 10 years Still I don’t know if I would […]


Being a training officer for the Sheriff’s office is both immensely reward and infinitely frustrating. Probably the easiest way to convey it I’d imagine you’re a single parent who adopts a 17 year old kid. Who’s 4 weeks from being 19 and going out on his own. And you’re doing this craziness one right after […]

Personal Essay

Personal essay If you had told me 6 years ago that I would be working in law enforcement, I would not have believed you. I got my start in law enforcement back in April 2012 as a Detention Officer for Collin County. When I started, it was just another job. However, as I continued to […]