Poets Words

A poet’s words Are forged in blood and tears Out of pain comes beauty Out of misery comes understanding Out of heartache comes compassion We transform one thing into another Through our blood sweat and tears We bring to life meaning Words beyond our reckoning They take on a life of their own The words […]

Love Won and Lost V3

I have loved with a love so passionate that it changed my life A love I never knew this once empty shell of a man was capable of A loner I’ve always been Always afraid to let others in Never trusting but those special few I lived so long under the weight of my demons […]

My Voice

Redemption and loss We drink to forget We drink to escape We drink to relax Yet lately i seem to drink to remember Remember happier days When i held a beautiful woman in my arms And all was right in my world To remember times when i would write all the time When a sentence […]