Poets Words

A poet’s words Are forged in blood and tears Out of pain comes beauty Out of misery comes understanding Out of heartache comes compassion We transform one thing into another Through our blood sweat and tears We bring to life meaning Words beyond our reckoning They take on a life of their own The words […]

Life Is Short

Life is short No days are guaranteed You never know when your time will come So live always with no regrets For no days are guaranteed What does it mean though To live with no regrets Does it mean to always take the chance When you have it Cause that leads to regrets too I […]


Compassion a skill held in high regard by many  Low by some  Sought after and disregarded  But always Welcome when received Compassion Is a mainstay of the Human Soul An enabler Of civilization Without it where would we be What would we be Would civilization be able to continue  Without a mainstay of the human […]