Welcome to the Mad Poet’s Street Corner

This website was created to house all of my poetry and writing and to be a place for people to interact with it and view it. Please feel free to comment or contact me. If you would like to know more about me and my writing please visit my about page accessible through the menu or via this link here. https://mad-poet.com/about/

Most of the stuff posted in February 2020 is all backlog of stuff that I’ve written over the years but i made the site in February 2020 so that’s when it all got posted.   New stuff that was posted in February 2020 will have a date when it was written at the end.  I’m going to try and update everything with date or approximate dates where i can. 


Habits and patterns A prisoner in a prison I designed Built on 2 cornerstones Don’t trust others And my twin fears of betrayal and rejection These 2 stones formulate the foundation Of my entire being They are the basics of all I do and believe They are my version of rose colored glasses They are […]


So this is gonna be different from what I usually post but here it is. I put in for Sergeant at my work and as part of the process I was told to write an essay about being a mentor. Full names have been redacted for the privacy of the individuals. To mentor someone does […]

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