This World

This world sees something or someone of worth

Not as something to be cherished

But as something to be broken

This world does its best to grind you down

Cause it likes nothing more than to destroy.

It desires to grind you down and throw you in the trash

With all the rest

Never lose sight

Never forget

You were born for more than a trash bin

You were made for more than that

You were made to size the highest clouds

You were made to sail over deep waters

Made to explore and conquer

Made to love with a passion few dare to dream of

Your soul is a wildfire begging to burn

Fierce and bright

Outshine the sun

Be the moon and stars

Take your birthright from a creator who loves you

Scream across the sky and give hope to the fallen

You aren’t made for the ground

Shine like a star In the universe.

Fly above the highest peaks

And soar on eagles wings

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