Personal Essay

Personal essay

If you had told me 6 years ago that I would be working in law enforcement, I would not have believed you. I got my start in law enforcement back in April 2012 as a Detention Officer for Collin County. When I started, it was just another job. However, as I continued to work for Collin County I realized that I enjoyed it but more than that, I was good at it. I think that law enforcement whether you are working on the street in a jail, a prison, or as a dispatcher, is one of the highest callings there is. We serve and protect everyday with the knowledge that we have a higher chance than most people that we might not make it home. Nevertheless, we do it anyways because we care about people. In my four years of experience, I have met people in some of the darkest moments of their lives. These same people have lashed out at me for no other reason than the uniform that I wore. I have been called every name in the book I have been threatened on numerous occasions. Still I go on because this is what I want to do. This is what I am supposed to do. I do not need to make the most money I don’t need everyone to appreciate me. I want to uphold the laws of this country, and protect and help people whenever and wherever I can. We are called upon to always present our best selves to reflect highly upon our Profession and our department. I have done so and will continue to do so. My goal is to become a licensed peace Officer in the state of Texas. Once I am a Police Officer I want to prove myself and eventually promote. I want to be a leader who leads by example and who works alongside those he is in charge of.  To continuously improve ourselves and our relationship with the community to better benefit those that we serve. I believe that Montgomery County is a good place for me because I see more opportunities to help me achieve my goals.

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